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I'm honored to share the transformative health journeys of my patients. Each story is a testament to the power of functional medicine, revealing remarkable improvements in well-being, relief from chronic symptoms, and the benefits of personalized care.

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"I've been working with Dr. Erez for a couple of years now and feel so lucky to have found him. Working with him is unlike any other doctor-patient experience I've had. He takes the time to listen and inquires about all aspects of my life, so he can make the most informed treatment plan. He is patient and supportive in my effort to make necessary lifestyle changes. Through his treatment, I've completely changed my prognosis and reversed multiple diagnosis. I'm now reading articles and seeing posts by wellness influencers of supplements and treatments he recommended years ago which is to say that he knows what he is doing and is ahead of the curve."
A patient avatar of Kati.
Kati A.
June 2023
"Dr. Erez is outstanding. He has great attention to detail, he listens to his patients, and he is up on the latest research which helps with treatment. I am grateful that I found him."
A patient avatar of Jodie.
Jodie L.
June 2023
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"Dr. Erez is probably the best doctor I have ever worked with. I have never had a doctor spend so much time and effort in looking over labs, asking me questions, and discussing questions and treatments with me. He’s also taken the time to let me know factors that could be undertaken to improve health and longevity. Most doctors get you in and out in 15 minutes. Not dr. Erez, he spent quality and a considerable amount of time with me really diving in. You can tell he really cares and is passionate about what he does, and is an advocate for your health and well-being, in other words a true doctor. He understands nutrition, supplements, medications, and the latest cutting edge science and treatments. He is also a functional medicine practitioner which means he will not just treat your symptoms but help you look for the root cause of any health issues bothering you. That is why I originally sought him out and I was blown away at the quality level of care. I have found a Dr for life that cares and someone that I can trust and work with closely to feel my best again. I can’t say enough good things about dr. Erez, I almost want to keep him a secret but he deserves this review. I will be recommending my family and close friends to him. Thank you Dr Erez!"
A patient avatar of Steven.
Stephen K.
april 2023
"Dr Erez is great!!! He quickly and efficiently got to the root of all my problems! I would have never figured it out without him!"
A patient avatar of Marissa.
Marissa B.
June 2023
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"Awesome experience with Dr Erez! He ordered a comprehensive blood panel on me that helped uncover the cause of my health issues! He showed me how my hormones, nutrient deficiency’s were effecting my heath. I was able to gain muscle, get rid of gut issues, and fix a chronic muscle injury with his help. He is always available and approachable. He is caring and always there when I’ve had issues comes up. I would recommend him without reservation for anyone dealing with unexplained symptoms that other doctors are unable to help with!"
A patient avatar of Vinny.
Vinny B.
April 2023
"Dr Erez listens and cares about my health. He offers alternatives for treatment and has thorough knowledge of the best ways to integrate functional medicine and alternative care."
A patient avatar of John
John F.
June 2023
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"It's impossible for me to overstate the impact at Dr. Erez has had on my life. I had been sick for nearly 10 years and had seen MANY doctors, including a couple of functional medicine doctors, but none of them could figure out the cause of my illness. Dr. Erez did an extremely detailed review of my (long and complicated) patient history and dug into parts of my history that no other doctors paid any attention to. His approach is always grounded in evidence, but he isn't afraid to use his intuition and be guided by clinical experience. This approach is so important for complex illnesses where there simply isn't a treatment script that will work for everybody. Within a few appointments Dr. Erez honed in on a diagnosis that all my other doctors had missed. Now that I'm being treated for the correct diagnosis, my health is improving dramatically. I couldn't be more grateful for what he's done to help me rebuild my life. Dr. Erez is highly knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I recommend him wholeheartedly and have already referred my wife and many family members to him."
A patient avatar of Nick.
Nick C.
october 2022

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